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Garden Corner Curves


Preferred Design Concept

The preferred concept is Alternative A with additional elements that were identified by the community during the evaluation process. Click here to see the preferred concept. The preferred design includes:

  • A 12-foot wide shared use path on the east side of the roadway to provide pedestrians and bicyclists a continuous separated route on one side of the corridor
  • Two 10-foot wide vehicle lanes to slow vehicles down
  • Cobbled corner treatment on the shared use path to slow cyclist before the downhill
  • Pedestrian activated flashing beacon at SW Moratoc Drive
  • Pedestrian activated flashing beacon at SW 108th Avenue and SW Paulina Drive
  • A raised crosswalk at Paulina Drive

The following design elements were added in response to community feedback received during the open house and through the online survey: 

  • Speed feedback signs to raise awareness about speed
  • Revised centerline striping to slow down traffic
  • A raised crossing at SW 108th Avenue and SW Blake Street

The project also identified elements that could be implemented while funding options are being explored. Those "nearer term" improvements include better signage, visibility improvements, revised pavement markings, speed feedback sign(s), and an anti-speeding public awareness campaign.

Design Concept Alternatives

Four concept alternatives were developed based on the community feedback received at the site tour, stakeholder meetings, and an online survey. We presented the design alternatives to the public for review and feedback at an open house and via an online survey which had over 100 respondents.

Click here for the four concept design alternatives.